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Someone needs Free legal advice ...

- Someone needs free legal help... someone need advice or someone work is getting obstructed by any unlawful activities in Criminal Matter, Civil Matter, family matter, or if you are in any trouble, you can consult us free on via comment on our you tube channel.. If you want to study law like IPC, CRPC, Landmark judgment cases then you can also watch that by visiting our channel.. Watch  " Legal talk with Shubham "  Click here to visit our offcial youtube channel... No Food Waste. If you want to donate food for needy people so please call me - 8368323670 ( New Delhi) The person who residing in West Delhi only they are call me..  If you like our efforts then you can also contribute a little bit to me. " Our another attempt which is helping people through the website " Please have a visit to our official website for the know about latest Post -  offers opportunities

Watch Legal Talk With Shubham

 Watch  " Legal talk with Shubham "  Click here to visit our offcial youtube channel... 1- Legal Talk with Shri. Anil Swarup, (IAS, Retd.)  Ex. Coal Secretary,  #Legaltalkwithshubham 2- Legal Talk with Shri. Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra, Vice Chancellor, Shobhit University,  #Legaltalkwithshubham 3- A man with great soul, Dr. Heera Lal, (I.A.S), Ex. Special Secretary, U.P,  #Legaltalkwithshubham 4- Legal Talk with Mr. Navin Kumar Jaggi, CEO Jaggi & Jaggi International Attorney of Law, #Legaltalkwithshubham 5-Don't think about money, Think about your life goal, By Mayuri Mishra, AOR , Patna High Court. #Legaltalkwithshubham " Here we will talk to the people of Legal world and getting to know their thoughts and talk about their thinking and how they achieved success. The though