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''Will you marry her?'' Supreme court asked to Rape Accused (2021)

Will You Marry Her Supreme court asked to Rape Accused...(Recent Case)

Its a case of 2015 - 2016, There is a one girl who didn't filed a case or Fir due to lack of knowledge and she was minor on that time. Finally after 5 year she had filed a case on 2019.That case held on 2019 at session court, Maharashtra because its a case of Maharashtra. Sessions court granted a bail to rape accused person after the case was shifted again to High Court of Bombay where accused cant get the bail and again accused approached this case to supreme court and supreme court asked accused person on 1st march 2021 

Supreme Court asked “Will you marry her? If you are willing to marry, court will consider this (petition)…or else you will go to jail and lose your job,


Whose job that court are talked about that is accused is didn't have any job but during the prosecution accused got the job at electricity department at Maharashtra. In 2019 finally FIR was lodge against the rape accused person under the section of 376,417,506 under IPC and section 4,12 of POCSO act 2012 now the girl will become 18+

Some Highlight of the case 

once a time accused person written a statement on stamp paper that he will marry to that raped girl when she get the age of 18 but when she has attained the age of 18 accused person refused to his promise and he had already married on that time and accused will become a age 23 and now he is also a govt. servant. so basically when the case shifted first on session court then accused got the bail easily and after the session court and girl had filed a case to High court of Bombay and High court denied the bail application that granted by session court and then accused person filed a Special leave petition under article 136 of Indian constitution. The bench, which also included justices AS Bopanna and V Ramasubramanian and Honourable .A bench headed by Chief Justice SA Bobde  asked advocate AnandDilip Langde, representing the petitioner, "Will you marry her?"

To this, AnandDilip Langde replied that he would need to take instructions from his client and asked for a pass over, but the court was not inclined to it. So Supreme court declined the Petition and gived the protection to petitioner that they protect from arrest for the four week

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